Prevention & Intervention Strategies

Since 2011, Present Age Ministries, a NC nonprofit, has dedicated its staff and resources to address prevention and intervention strategies for children impacted by human trafficking. Our model offers an approach that provides straight forward information to youth about the facts around human trafficking, as well as a prevention-focused intervention that addresses many of the underlying issues that influence children and youth who become human trafficking victims.

If you are interested in having our staff come and speak to your students (classroom, assembly, club, etc), contact us today and someone from our prevention team will respond.


Prevention is Critical

A study in Minnesota showed that a benefit-cost analysis of providing preventative and early intervention methods could be quantified at $34 to $1. For every $1 we spend on preventative measures for young adolescent females, at risk for sexual abuse/trafficking, we will save taxpayers $34 (due to increase costs for legal, social health, medical cost, etc.).

(Early Intervention to Avoid Sex Trading and Trafficking of Minnesota’s Female Youth: A Benefit-Cost Analysis, Minnesota Indian Women’s Resource Center, 2012).

If you are interested in having our staff come and speak to your students (classroom, assembly, club, etc), contact us today and someone from our prevention team will respond.

Here are a few identified objectives:

  • Apply risk reduction behavior to protect myself and others
  • Understand the benefits of abstinence
  • Embracing and understanding diversity
  • Learn to identify healthy and unhealthy relationships
  • Understand the importance of personal responsibility/boundaries

In the Schools: Classroom Health Education

We offer lessons that exceed the NC State Senate Bill 279 requirements for Human Trafficking education in the 7th and 8th-grade health curriculum. Each lesson includes videos, interactive learning, and real-life stories and scenarios. Students are also given takeaways including how to access the national hotline. The lessons can be done in two 45 minutes sessions, one 90 minute session, or modified to fit your needs.


Lesson 1: The Facts
  • Definition of Trafficking

  • Common Risk Factors

  • Warning Signs

  • Effects (Physical, Emotional, Intellectual, Relational & Spiritual)

    Lesson 2: The Fuel (4 Key Factors)
    • Access to Internet
    • Past Abuse
    • Cultural Influence
    • Pornography

Gender Specific – Small Group Prevention Program

Early Intervention and prevention is critical. By offering an 8-week curriculum for individuals identified as high-risk, we are able to influence and promote healthy boundaries and identification of barriers. With no more than 10 participants in a group, each lesson build upon the other and the girls are able to build trust, restore hope, and redefine love.

“Discovering Your Value” (DYV) is a fun, interactive learning system developed by Present Age Ministries with a team of subject matter experts. The purpose of DYV is to provide prevention and early intervention to female adolescents. The Learning System encourages participants to interact by answering questions, evaluating scenarios and engaging in team challenges to accumulate game incentives. Participants collaborate to answer tough questions, formulate solution strategies, uncover strengths and share best practices for avoiding victimization.


This curriculum addresses the cultural devaluation of women and identifies topics such as: Relationship, Self-Image, Cultural Influences, Sexual Integrity, Dreams/Future and more. DYV was develped to support school competencies and are measured with pre/post surveys as a means to gather outcome data to support this intervention becoming an evidence based practice.


Program Model Highlights

  • Incorporate our experience with victims of Human Trafficking and at-risk teens to bridge the gap by providing training and support resources for social services, educators, youth leaders, community leaders, and others.
  • Provide a fun, interactive learning system to address the cultural devaluation of women that can be used in variety of settings.
  • Provide a central reporting tool that will provide research data and traceable metrics; discovering trends, developing evidence-based best practices and alternative corrective behavior methods.
  • Provide a Victim Identification Tool & Training, adapted by Present Age Ministries, to facilitators to further cultivate understanding and support for vulnerable students.


Want to join in on the fight to combat sexual abuse, exploitation and trafficking of teenage girls? We have a number of ways you can support our efforts.


Many parents have a limited understanding of the issue of sex trafficking and sexual exploitation and how it might show up within your family.


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