COVID-19: Resources for Navigating New Normals

Internet Safety Tips

With your student home and online even more than before – internet safety is critical. While putting measures in place to protect your child will cause frustration, the alternative would be even worse.

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Online Grooming

We know that when it comes to exploitation and trafficking, interaction online is the most common method of recruitment. With that being said, it is imperative that we identify possible indicators that a child is interacting with a perpetrator online. Perpetrators are experts at manipulation and promising love and acceptance. In this time of crisis, the need for connection will be high – we must recognize the increased risks.

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Social Media APPS Parent Guide

With your student home and online even more than before – we have put together a guide to the most popular APPS as to what you need to be aware of regarding the top social media platforms.

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Conversation Starters

Everyone is home and everyone is getting on each others nerves – does that sound right?

Here are conversation starters, short prompts to help you engage with your student. They desire connection. Screen time cannot replace face to face interaction. Be intentional and make the effort to daily engage in meaningful conversations with your students.

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