Advocacy and training is a core program at Present Age. Whether we are hosting an event or an invited presenter, each event is designed based on the attendees. We seek to provide a focused seminar as it relates to Human Trafficking (i.e. medical, financial, educational, faith based) and provide information that empowers attendees to be a part of eradicating sex trafficking in their community. Attendees walk away equipped to make an impact after learning:

  • Warning Signs and how to react
  • Risk factors and preventative measures
  • Effects on a survivor, based on science and real stories
  • Statistics and what is being done & more

Be A Part of the Solution


An advocate is someone who brings awareness to the topic of Human Trafficking on behalf of Present Age Ministries (PAM).  Advocates work to foster deep relationships with the host organizations, so that community support with PAM will continue to grow and deepen. Ready to join us?

First step is to participate in our Volunteer Training.
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A community that is unaware is simply unable to provide solutions. One of the greatest tools we have is education. Do you have a group that would be willing to let us come and share? General Awareness can be 15, 20, 30 minutes in duration. We would love to come share at your book club, woman’s group, Rotary Club, etc.

Present Age also provides more in depth training (2, 3, 4 hours or longer). We would love to partner with you.

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Know The Signs

It can be difficult to identify whether a person is being exploited. Here are 10 common warning signs for domestic trafficking:

  • Does not self-identify as a victim

  • Has multiple phones or electronic devices

  • Inappropriate use of social media platforms

  • Seen with another person who appears controlling

  • Apparent signs of abuse: physical & emotional

  • Appearance of being emotionally disconnected

  • Has someone do their speaking for them

  • Evidence of poor health and personal hygiene

  • Poor or non-existent record of school attendance

  • Numerous inconsistencies in story

Take A Look

Here are some of the organizations/groups
we have had the privilege of training

Concord Police Department

Wells-Fargo — Risk Department

Cabarrus County Schools

Cabarrus County EMS

Cardinal Innovations Healthcare

Charlotte Mecklenburg Schools

Turning Point Family Services

Child Protective Team

Atrium Healthcare, Behavior Health, Emergency, Nurses, Etc.

Faith-Based Organizations & Churches

Numerous Rotary Clubs